Rev-quiem for Ken Dresher

Here is a salute to Ken Dresher (d2019), rock-and-roll musician from Minnesota notable for his dynamic drumming as driving force behind the Ventures-inspired guitars of his band, The Revtunes; and creator of video farce with Ken’s spoof The Surf Toads.

Ken Dresher

This recently assembled tribute to Ken spotlights ten electrifying live instrumental tracks of The Revtunes at Minneapolis’ legendary 7th Street Entry in 1987, a band set list with Ken Dresher originals (Ride the Solar Wind; Hyper-Intension), revved instrumental classics like Out of Limits, Penetration and can Ken kick serious drum on Wipe Out?  To hear the Revtunes’ Entry concert, click here !!!

Ken also produced a 45 single check out on YouTube The Revtunes playing the A-side, The Twomp:

Here’s the Ken Dresher composition on the B-side, Freefall:

Thanks Mark Masyga; Greg Carr; Chris Waterbury; Ray Dahl; Big Bad Melvin.

Meet The Pylons

Just in time for the Summer of Road Construction, from The Mechanical Spider Clinic archive, a “mockumentary” about a fictitious instrumental surf-rock band from Wyoming, The Pylons. thePylons
The founding members ran into each other while constructing a toll road, and began singing folk music as The Undivided Highwaymen with songs such as “Don’t Strike That Hazard Cone” and “Turn Turn Turn Left at the Stop Sign.” But it was as The Pylons they had their biggest smashes: rock and roll instrumentals like “Burnin’ Rubber,” “Walkin’ the Ten Foot Viaduct,” “The Ditch (Parts 1 & 2)” and “Don’t Strike That Hazard Cone ’64.”WindshieldCrack
Supplying voices and songs of The Pylons were real musicians from Minnesota, members of The RevtunesThe Thunderbats, Subject to Change, and New England’s only banjo surf-rock combo, The Illusions; also featuring the voices of Chuck Isle; Ken Dresher; Ray Dahl; Rob Shapiro; Bill Bader; Peter Stenshoel; Kelly Itoh. Thanks to Mark Masyga.

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