Ludwig Sears and the Infinity Art Unit

The Musical Transportation Spree hosted live musicians in the KFAI studio August 8, 1997 with David “Ludwig Sears” Wright (violin), Peter Stenshoel (keyboard), and Stu Mathews (electric bass, conga drum) of The Infinity Art Unit. Here’s “Summit Time,” one of several improvised segments (look for the rest soon at with MTS hosts Jerry and Chris adding tape loops and ambience.

Greg Carr and the Ancient Mixmaster

Independent artists spotlighted on The Musical Transportation Spree (1991-2006) continue to release self-created audio now. New sound collages by Greg Carr appear on the cassette, Home Taping is Killing Music (available from 

Greg was a guest on MTS in 2000 and described how his art originated at KFAI’s Walker Church studios.

Greg also created a new soundscape with MTS hosts Jerry and Chris.

PS In 2005, a collection of mixes from Greg’s own KFAI show Technological Retreat was released in a limited edition of 500 by the Innova label, with package layout by SE’s multimedia enabler Drew Miller.

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