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Captain Bamboo Steamer & first mate Tugg Neato

Captain Bamboo Steamer & first mate Tugg Neato

You can listen to the tales of Captain Bamboo Steamer, sailor boasting of “me fists the size o’ two bunk beds” in a Best Of collection, Heroes and Villains, that also features far-off adventurers “Ace” Banning and his sidekick “Chubby” in the old-time radio spoof, I Love Danger, Action, Murder and Keen Stuff Like That;  movie parody The Mummy’s Hand-Stand; commandos of The Scuba Patrol battle Count Dracula, Santa Claus, and a trampoline; Tommy and Jimmy are heroes of the saga Earth Versus The Flying Dorseys. dorsey_bros Villain Pablum Picassowhat tries to outwit crypt-kicking cartoon kid Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom

Hear all these thrill-packed melodramas at Archive.org.Internet Archive logo

Illustrations by Wayne Modjeski.

Danny Phantom 3: Placebo

img006(2)Like most super heroes, Danny Phantom has a sidekick. His name is Placebo. img002If Placebo helps Danny in any way, he must be doing it unknowingly.img003(3) Artwork by Wayne Modjeski. (Above) Early sketch of Danny & Placebo.

Danny: “You shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, Placebo.”img004(1)

Postman: “I have a delivery of eggs in one basket for a Mister Placebo.”

Danny Phantom 2: Back to the Drawing Board

“…In another dimension, an artist brainstorms to create a new look for a forgotten cartoon character…img005the crypt-kickin’ little ghoul named Danny Phantom.DannyDanny Artist

“… the idea is rejected by the artist’s editor, and thrown in the waste basket.”img005img006img006                         

img005Wayne Modjeski‘s img005unpublished artwork for a Danny Phantom newspaper strip (c1994). Danny’s introduction in Jerry’s 1986 radio play,  The Search for Danny Phantom, inspired his brother Wayne to visualize ideas like having a cemetery as Danny’s home, with new supporting characters such as a trio of bats, a couple grave-diggers, and a zombie. (illus.)img006

Danny Phantom 1: How a Cartoon Star is (re)Born

TV cartoon star Danny Phantom, created by Jerry on The Mechanical Spider Clinic radio show, was re-interpreted by artist Wayne Modjeski, for Funny Pages newspaper as a proposed comic strip, never published.

“In the nebulous realm of Possibility…Fate and Will conjur the formation of Danny Phantom. His re-birth is observed in a swirl of printer’s ink, celluloid and good, old-fashioned primordial soup…”

Look for more rare, unpublished Wayne Modjeski artwork at ScorchedEar in 2013.

The Search for Danny Phantom

A 1960s TV star, Danny Phantom, the crypt-kickin’ cartoon kid and his (very limited) assistant Placebo are sought by a female private eye, Tawny Nunn (Alice Phoenix), for a modern comeback. This 1986 broadcast predates Roger Rabbit and another cartoon character also called Danny Phantom (!)
Art by Wayne Modjeski

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