One Bubble Off Plumb

One Bubble Off Plumb (1981-82) was Jerry’s first comedy series on KFAI, Minneapolis. Jerry (under the name Jerry Allen) advertised for contributors, yielding appearances from Dave Romm, Tom Haylian, Dave Commer, Bill Bader, Jim Masyga, Frank Hudson and Dave Moore (The Lose Your Lunch Band), and Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! Mark Masyga introduced Chet Chester, a weird old man with an invisible weiner dog named Jinkies. Other unlikely stars given their own series were Roy L. Smeck, a busboy, and then-President Ronald Reagan in the multi-part serial, Ronnie in Commie Land.

Co-conspirator The Rudy Schwartz Project recently updated OBOP’s theme, Perles de Cristal by Elsa Popping. (More info at DC Jam Records).

Chet Chester

Ape Guts Cereal

Jim Morrison Tribute Album

Three anthologies of OBOP are ready for listening!

Volume One features include Crack Force / Roy L. Smeck, Busboy Trainee / Chet Chester and Jinkies / Jimmy Stewart Interview / Dave Mumplips, Nightwatchman as well as crazy commercials for Papst Beer / Pepsee / Crudweiser / Ronco’s Shaky Regime Detector

Volume Two: Chow Ming Lee Schwartz Communist Chinese Polka Band, Classical Concert and The Easy Chair on KRAP Radio / You Asked For It / Visit from an Energy Efficiency Expert / Ape Guts Cereal / Letters to OBOP

Volume Three: The Schlitz Lite Zone / Jazz Impressions / FM Rock Schlock / The Nut Watch / Ronnie in Commie Land: President Alexander Haig / Carl Pagan’s Compost / Dr. Sidney Short / News for Baboons / The Den of Iniquity / Govenor Al Quie Interview / Dada Processing / Temporary Insanity Employment Agency / British Royals’ Test Tube Baby

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