The Musical Transportation Spree / featuring U.F.O. Update

The Musical Transportation Spree (1991-2006) was heard on KFAI Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Hosts Chris Waterbury and Jerry (pictured) sought unique recordings by independent artists such as Plastic Eye Miracle, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Abcess Grenk and Usward. They surveyed home tapers & presented interviews on their show within a show, Now That’s Interesting. Studio guests included Dick Dammit; Ludwig Sears; Russ Stedman; Greg (Technological Retreat) Carr; The Rumble Pups; Chris “Sandman” Sand. Some weeks MTS alternated with the Little City in Space‘s Download RevueWind & Wire (original modern electric & acoustic music); Spinner Sanctum (with Julian West, Mitch Griffin).

MTS specials were devoted to musical artists (Bob Dylan; Sun Ra; Freddie “Schnickelfritz” Fisher) or themes (clowns; flying saucer songs). Chris & Jerry interviewed musician Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel). The Radio Mortuary, curated by Occam E. Razor, presented drama & theater of the mind.

MTS’ news-of-the-weird department, U.F.O. UPDATE focused on History & Observations. Links to Best Of compilations:

Vol. 1 Cash-Landrum; Charles Fort; Capt. Ruppelt; Klaatu Speaks!

Vol. 2  Abductions; Seances & Ouija Boardspsychalien

Vol. 3  Real Men in Black

Vol. 4 Crop Circles; Big Foot & UFOs

Vol. 5 Alien Visitors

Vol. 6 The “Oz” Factor, Space Ships & Other Visions of Bugs Bunny, Mr. Ed, Jerry Garcia, Jesus, The Wheel of Fortune; Near Death- OOBEs

Vol. 7 The Missing Times / The Black Vault

Vol. 8 Simonton’s Pancake / Alien Messages

Techtel Mechtel (Roger Skulback, David Mager) turned KFAI broadcast studios inside out when they showed up in person with samplers, processors, effects boxes, malfunctioning CD player, while hosts Jerry & Chris added loops & fx. Chris & Jerry also collaborated with Bat Lenny on the Musical Transportation Spree radio show theme song. Listen to Techtel Mechtel on MTS 5-31-97TAPEW2

A who’s who of home tapers, too many to list here, answered Chris & Jerry’s How-To & Why quiz! Dig the Tapeworm underground’s best sound off with candid, kooky & informative responses. (2 hrs)

A Tapeworm’s Guide to Home Taping Vol. 2

Internet Archive logoTAPEW1 A Tapeworm’s Guide to Home Taping Vol. 1 Hour One 

A veritable alphabet soup of stars of cassette culture & the electronic cottage.  Lively exchanges of opinions from many independent sound makers!

Conclusion of Vol. 1: Hour Two

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  1. Listen to MTS with studio guests James Barnes and Marc Myers, innovative transplants from Nebraska’s free-form underground, interview & improvised studio performance.

  2. MTS welcomed one-man force REVLAC, also known as Cal, interviewed with his newly digitized original songs; scratchy old records; UFO Update report of a giant UFO in Lancaster, California. listen

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