The Musical Transportation Spree / featuring U.F.O. Update

The Musical Transportation Spree (1991-2006) was heard on KFAI Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Hosts Chris Waterbury and Jerry (pictured) sought unique recordings by independent artists such as Plastic Eye Miracle, The Rudy Schwartz Project, Abcess Grenk and Usward. They surveyed home tapers & presented interviews on their show within a show, Now That’s Interesting. Studio guests included Dick Dammit; Ludwig Sears; Russ Stedman; Greg (Technological Retreat) Carr; The Rumble Pups; Chris “Sandman” Sand. Some weeks MTS alternated with the Little City in Space‘s Download RevueWind & Wire (original modern electric & acoustic music); Spinner Sanctum (with Julian West, Mitch Griffin).

MTS specials were devoted to musical artists (Bob Dylan; Sun Ra; Freddie “Schnickelfritz” Fisher) or themes (clowns; flying saucer songs). Chris & Jerry interviewed musician Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel). The Radio Mortuary, curated by Occam E. Razor, presented drama & theater of the mind.

MTS’ news-of-the-weird department, U.F.O. UPDATE focused on History & Observations. Links to Best Of compilations:

Vol. 1 Cash-Landrum; Charles Fort; Capt. Ruppelt; Klaatu Speaks!

Vol. 2  Abductions; Seances & Ouija Boardspsychalien

Vol. 3  Real Men in Black

Vol. 4 Crop Circles; Big Foot & UFOs

Vol. 5 Alien Visitors

Vol. 6 The “Oz” Factor, Space Ships & Other Visions of Bugs Bunny, Mr. Ed, Jerry Garcia, Jesus, The Wheel of Fortune; Near Death- OOBEs

Vol. 7 The Missing Times / The Black Vault

Here’s a short audio teaser: a KFAI radio plug for U.F.O. Update by Jerry, with a guest, MUFON field investigator and hypnotherapist Craig Lang:

Techtel Mechtel (Roger Skulback, David Mager) turned KFAI broadcast studios inside out when they showed up in person with samplers, processors, effects boxes, malfunctioning CD player, while hosts Jerry & Chris added loops & fx. Chris & Jerry also collaborated with Bat Lenny on the Musical Transportation Spree radio show theme song. Listen to Techtel Mechtel on MTS 5-31-97TAPEW2

A who’s who of home tapers, too many to list here, answered Chris & Jerry’s How-To & Why quiz! Dig the Tapeworm underground’s best sound off with candid, kooky & informative responses. (2 hrs)

A Tapeworm’s Guide to Home Taping Vol. 2

Internet Archive logoTAPEW1 A Tapeworm’s Guide to Home Taping Vol. 1 Hour One 

A veritable alphabet soup of stars of cassette culture & the electronic cottage.  Lively exchanges of opinions from many independent sound makers!

Conclusion of Vol. 1: Hour Two


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  1. Listen to MTS with studio guests James Barnes and Marc Myers, innovative transplants from Nebraska’s free-form underground, interview & improvised studio performance.

  2. MTS welcomed one-man force REVLAC, also known as Cal, interviewed with his newly digitized original songs; scratchy old records; UFO Update report of a giant UFO in Lancaster, California. listen

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