Another Flask of Weird

Another Flask of Weird (KFAI Minneapolis 1982-83) Jerry, former commercial radio DJ, and Chuck Isle, scribe and a muse, put each other on a music show of symbiotically juxtaposed records, twisted words creating a weird lexicon all their own.                                                                                                                                                       

Vintage Flask 1982 anthologizes AFOW ads: Throbbing Red Oatmeal / The Clever Rodent Cafe / Kung-Fu Auto Mechanic / Contretemps Temporaries / Magic Gesticulations Shampoo / Conan, the Hanna-Barberian / Chez Bob’s Detail Recount Store / Prof. Kingsfield Pinball / The Idiot Raven Second Hand Store / Mama Steve’s Rumba Toast / Griff’s Pylons / Nimba Tang’s Fish & Slang / Custer’s Last Pie Stand / The Limp Digit / more!

AFOW September 17, 1983  Solo flight with Chuck; guests David (Radio Rangers) Stenshoel and Mark Masyga. TV Previews; Sponsored by Big Chief Harold’s Wig Warmer and The Clever Rodent Cafe.

ANOTHER FLASK OF BEER!  You’ve never heard so many songs about beer in one place, so grab something foamy for the non-stop flow of music good for whatever ales you! il_570xN.526025788_7kz7Jerry, with beer expert Chuck Isle, provide thirst-hand beer and song background as only they can, tap, or in the bottle. Beer comedy from The Firesign Theatre; The Post-Void Radio Theater (Little City in Space); Bob & Ray; Spike Jones; Mel Blanc; Wally Cox; W.C. Fields; The Simpsons; ZXQ Universe; One Bubble Off Plumb; song titles from “Pop a Top” to “Give Me a Red Hot Mama and a Glass of Beer”; rarities like The New Psychonauts’ “Mannequins Drink 3.2” and Ed Saunders’ “Beer Cans on the Moon.” UFO Update: Beer Can Shaped Aliens of Long Prairie, MN! Originally aired on KFAI, Minneapolis-St. Paul on 6-3-2000.

Listen to The Beer Show 

MORE BEER!  More songs about suds with “Beer Can Widowed Wife,” “I Can’t Get My Foot Off the Rail,” “How Many Burps in a Bottle of Beer?” and “Swimming Pool Full of Beer.” Beer records by Fear; Frank Zappa; Louis Prima; Black Flag; Bonnie Blue Eyes; The Grateful Dead; Bob Wills; George Jones; The Replacements; Whoopee John; Sheb Wooley; Beck and many more!  Fake beer ads for Wursterkaasen Scenario Beer; St. Burl Ives Malt Liquor; Stockhausen Beer; D.W. Ivan’s; Darwin Breweries; J. Allen Hyneken Beer; Mepps Liquor Pit; Bottom of the Page Beer. Hosts Jerry and Chuck Isle. Originally aired on KFAI, Minneapolis-St.Paul, 3-2-2001.

Listen to More Beer at

Hear more Another Flask of Weird shows, see links below.img003(2)

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  1. Another Flask of Weird August 7, 1982 with Chuck & Jerry / Ad for Kung-Fu Auto Mechanic / The Scuba Patrol (debut) in “Leonard, The Trampoline That Attacked North Dakota” / Chuck Vs. Jerry: Dean Vs. Jerry / The Comedy Clinic #1 / Thanks Perry Myrtz / Blindfold Test

    Another Flask of Weird August 21, 1982 Chuck & Jerry DJ Elvis, Eno & explain the King Crimson origin of the show title / ads for Thundering Meat DNA Restructuring Powder / concert ad spoofing Ted Nugent as “The Ooge.”

    August 21, 1982 (PLUS!)Conclusion Now Available!
    Clips from October 9, 1982 / Thundering Meat Out-Take / unfinished Comedy Clinic #3 / from August 21, 1982: Neil Diamond liner notes / Easy Chair / Glenn Miller Orchestra Ad / Chez Bob’s Detail Recount Store #1 / Comedy Clinic #2

    Another Flask of Weird August 28, 1982 with Chuck & Jerry spinning Sun Ra, Philip Glass, The Monkees / Ads for Magic Gesticulations Shampoo & Conan, The Hanna-Barberian.

    Another Flask of Weird September 11, 1982 with Chuck & Jerry / Johnny Bond Meets Nico / Bozo the Clown spoof (Stereo Remix) / Ads for Wally Indemire for City Council & Papst Beer / Chet Chester & Jinkies meet Mickey the Dog Shaver / Also featuring the talents of Mark Masyga.

    Another Flask of Weird September 18, 1982 with Chuck & Jerry / Zappa DJs early rarities with Capt. Beefheart / Ads for Beet Rotundo Soap Substitute; Chez Bob’s Detail Recount Store #2; Godzilla Vs. The U.S. Postal Service / Mockumentary: Chow Ming Lee Schwartz Red China Polka Band.

    Another Flask of Weird September 25, 1982 with Chuck & Jerry / Sinatra liner notes / medley of whistling songs / movie spoof: “The Mummy’s Hand Stand” / Ads for The Idiot Raven Second Hand Store & Professor Kingsfield Pinball Machine

    Another Flask of Weird October 23, 1982 Highlights from first Flask in-studio appearance by Mark Masyga also Andy Schultz / Sponsored by Mama Steve’s (Naked Mix) / pick up ads / Belafonte liner notes / music by Japanese artist Akiko Yano / Capt. Beefheart’s “Old Fart At Play” played for Johnny Fields KFAI debut of GOOD N’ COUNTRY: Johnny intros his first show & selections.

    Another Flask of Weird October 30, 1982 Special spooky remix of Halloween solo show by Jerry with a pre-Election Day political debate / Eddie Burger’s Jazz All-Star Wrestling Show / Ad for the movie Ma & Ra Kettle Go to Jupiter / Jerry reads Ken Nordine poetry / Commercials for Chez Bob’s Detail Recount Store Halloween Sale ’82, Swing Hoist Meat Cookie, Muckrackers /Johnny Fields‘ second show opening of GOOD N’ COUNTRY.

    Another Flask of Weird: Best of two shows, October 2 with November 6, 1982 Drew Miller intros / Prog music by Id, Lucifer, Daevid Allen, Guy Lombardo, Vaughn Monroe, Mike Wallace, George & Tammy, Merle & Bonnie / Chuck reads Masked Marauders liner notes / Ads for Chez Bob’s and Ma & Ra Kettle / with guest Andy Schultz.
    ***cameo by JOHNNY FIELDS, Good n’ Country

    Another Flask of Weird November 13, 1982 Chuck Isle’s first encounter with Brian Anderson, future co-hosts of ZXQ Universe on KFAI (1990-1993) / Phone interview with Brian & spotlight on his band, THE EYES (new wave rock) / Chuck’s “All Wet Set” / Jerry’s Les Baxter liner notes / Ads for Nimba Tang’s Fish & Slang, The Clever Rodent Cafe.

    Another Flask of Weird November 20, 1982 Chuck solo show / guest Andy Schultz / home taped music by Andy, also David (Infinity Art Unit) Stenshoel / Commercials for Contretemps Temporaries, Griff’s Pylons & Throbbing Red Oatmeal / ***Cameo appearance by Johnny Fields (Good n’ Country) listen

    Weird Saturdays #1 – Best of AFOW
    From December 4, 1982 Songs about Saturday by Lefty Frizzell & King Crimson / Dreams with Jerry & Chuck, songs by Bill Nelson, John Entwistle / with excerpts from July 16 / July 23, 1983 and October 1, 1983

    UPGRADED REMIX: Another Flask of Weird January 1, 1983 latest ad for The Clever Rodent Cafe / Tunes by Porter Wagoner, Fred Frith, Gary McFarland, Jaco Pastorius, Vangelis, MX80 Sound, Hank Snow, Bill Bruford, Alan Dale, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Kay Starr / Debut of Skogmo, Pre-K Van Driver

    UPGRADED REMIX: Another Flask of Weird February 5, 1983 Crazy KFAI sign-on with previous show DJ Drew Miller / Records by Flaming Youth, Velvet Underground, Johnny Gunn, Man, Nick Lowe, Carla Bley, Orchid Spangiafora, Rolling Stones, Amon Duul II, Les Baxter, Porter Wagoner / Ads for Mc Jaggers, Capt. Ben’s Fest-O-Can Beans / Bonus: January 22, 1983 from Jerry solo AFOW featuring Martin Denny, Danny Amis tape / song origin of “Walk Don’t Run”

    Another Flask of Weird February 12, 1983 A vinyl trip to Hell featuring Crash Course in Science, St. John Green, The Old Sow Song, Rod Steiger, Sauter-Finegan’s Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong, The Shovel / The Eyes

    Another Flask of Weird February 19, 1983 and March 12, 1983 Venturing into Space with Walter Brennan, The Byrds / “Beatlesque” music: The Knickerbockers, Nilsson, Utopia, Love Sculpture, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Badfinger, Beefheart, The Monkees / ad for The Clever Rodent Cafe. Also Mitch Miller, Tom Waits, Bob Wills. Opening of Good n’Country with Johnny Fields

    Another Flask of Weird March 5, 1983
    Live 1979 Rockpile (Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds) / jazz-punk 1974 with Mark & Jerry / Joe South, Rank & File, Johnny Cash, Johnny Fields.

    Wake Up Weird #1 is a collection of rare ads, first TV previews & extraneous Flask sound effects: Capt. Ben’s Fest-O-Can Beans / Floyd’s on the River / Hat Blocking Grist / Uberman #2 / The Sensuous Tomato / Maidenhoist Bra / Chez Bob’s Presidents Day Sale / A Brother’s Crutch / Glandma’s Cookies / Cumbersome Soup / Dammitall / Elderly Denture-Oni / featuring the talents of Mark Masyga, Andy Schultz, Brian Anderson, Johnny Fields.

  2. Another Flask of Weird excerpt from March 26, 1983 with Chuck & Jerry / ad for sex toy show at the Minneapolis Bawdy-torium / second time AFOW’s semi-regular TV Previews featurette aired, later called TV Guise / Cameo by Johnny Fields following AFOW with his show Good ‘n’ Country

    Another Flask of Weird nearly complete April 16, 1983 show in two parts:
    Part 1: Cold pizza, hot classic country & western records plus Zappa & Jimmy Carl Black / Neil Young / Charles Mingus / Ken Nordine
    Part 2: T. Rex / XTC / TV previews / Nimba Tang’s Fish & Slang #2

    Another Flask of Weird nearly complete show May 21, 1983
    Part 1: Return of the Son of Monster Magnet / synth soundscapes by Eno, Jerry Lejman / TV Previews / Ads for Instant Greg, Annual Flat River Bottom Jam, Spotted Enclosures
    Part 2: KFAI studio guests Twin Cities new wave rock band Subject to Change w/ interview, tapes.

    Best of May 28, 1983 archived with Another Flask of Weird May 14, 1983 King Crimson / Kermit the Frog / Sadistic Mika Band / bonus ad for Shoshoney’s

    Excerpts from Another Flask of Weird June 4, 1983 featuring The Residents / The Toy Lovers / Steve Kramer & The Wallets Bonus Jerry Lejman head shop commercial from December 11, 1982 with AFOW highlights from June 11, 1983

    Another Flask of Weird from June 18, 1983
    Part One: guitarist Allan Holdsworth / Chez Bob’s Fathers Day Sale / TV Previews / Ellington / Jackie McLean / The McCoys / Fleetwood Mac / Jefferson Airplane / Syd Barrett / The Ventures
    Part Two: Tapes from Twin Cities talents Subject to Change / The Mighty Malcolm / in-studio cameo by David (Boiled in Lead) Stenshoel / Opening of Good n’ Country with Johnny Fields

    Wake Up Weird #2 – AFOW ads for Hoist & Chewy / Derrick Hoist Athletic Supporter / Nimba Tang’s Fish & Slang #3 / Hi-Fiber Cellulogs / Baby Nostalgia / The Sud McGee Home Pet Bouncer / The Jungle Todd Bullet-Proof Pencil / The Clever Rodent Cafe / Squint City / The Tent Revival / Mysterioso Lad Crisps / Splash ‘n’ Wag / The Killette Shaver / Chez Bob’s Get Back at School ’83 / TV Previews

    1st ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL*** from July 30, 1983 featuring best song sequences; TV previews; Sponsor plugs from Uncle Mama’s Bean Chips; Giant Yonkers Magnet Warehouse; Swing Hoist Meat Cookie; two big ones for the sex toy shows at the Minneapolis Bawdy-torium; Swivel – Lee (“Ventriloquism with Food!”). Music by The Toy Lovers.

    Another Flask of Weird from August 6, 1983 with TV previews / music of Mike Roden, Charles Mingus, The Doobie Brothers, Speedy West, Spike Jones & Zal Yanovsky / opening of Good n’ Country with Johnny Fields/ bonus Flask song set by Chuck / ads for Heath of the Jungle, Hi-Fiber Cellulogs

    Jerry solo Another Flask of Weird excerpts from August 13, 1983
    sponsored by Little Dan, a method of coffee / Discs by Buddy Morrow, Sauter-Finegan, Dusty Springfield, Edgar Varese, Link Wray

    Chuck & Jerry’s Another Flask Of Weird September 3, 1983 ads for Strum und Drang, The Wang Dang Dew Bucket, The House of Weird, The Guppy Theater / twisted TV Previews / music by Slapp Happy-Henry Cow / Moog by Lucifer (Mort Garson)

    UPGRADED REMIX: Another Flask of Weird September 24, 1983 with guest Leigh Bowser / music by home tapers Gareth Downs of The Wallets, also Will Lebold / Jerry’s “September” Bonus Collage / Roy Wood’s Wizzard / sponsored by The Dapper Brain
    bonus Johnny (Good n’ Country) Fields

    Another Flask of Weird nearly complete show October 15, 1983 in three acts…
    Part One – AFOW Ambient Noise / Guckenheimer Sauerkraut Band / Anthony Braxton / Spike Jones / Fred Frith-Henry Kaiser / Dr. John / Shockabilly / sponsored by Mepps Liquor Pit

    Part Two – Music by Zappa / Nick Lowe / Steely Dan / Egg / Hank Locklin / King Crimson / Episodes of Ruby, a Galactic Gumshoe from ZBS Productions.

    Part Three – Elvis pays homage to shoes and Joe South / Lackey Momentum Shoes / Lawrence Staccato Gets His Private Eyes Crossed / Johnny Fields

  3. More Vintage Flask 1982-1983: Sound compositions / Elvis, King of Bicycles / I’m Not Tal Farlow / TV previews / commercials: The Clever Rodent, Peerless Lint,Capt. Wink’s Original Circular Potato Chains in Sweet & Sour Cream Sauce / Home Tapes by The Toy Lovers and Will Lebold

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