The Poppa Neutrino Show

Adventurer and iconoclast Poppa Neutrino (right) built rafts made of scrap to navigate nearly half the planet, and formed a successful family street band, The Flying Neutrinos, that busked for money and saved their own lives. His post-war sojourn in San Francisco with friends like Kerouac and Ginsberg inspired Poppa through his colorful, vagabond life, and shortly before his death in 2011 he hoped to sail a scrap raft to China. His exploits inspired New Yorker contributor Alec Wilkinson’s book, “The Happiest Man in the World.”

On Jerry Modjeski’s The Poppa Neutrino Show, Poppa describes his experiences and sings his favorite songs, with Ron Reimer (accordion), and Billy X. Curmano’s New X Art Ensemble featuring the Amazing Tess Toster Tones.

Also, Poppa’s daughter Ingrid Lucia sings with the legendary Doc Cheatham. Happy Old Man, the show’s theme song, by Peter Stenshoel. Thanks to Chris Waterbury. Jerry and Poppa on Wolf Spider Island photo by Suzn.

Listen at

One response to “The Poppa Neutrino Show

  1. Suzn

    hey jerry this is really cool.

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