Another Flask of Weird: Vintage 1982

Still Frame from Miroslav Janek’s film, Little City in Space, Jerry and Chuck, 1982

Listen to the glib set o’ lips of Chuck Isle (right) and Jerry (left) deliver verbal mambo and advertising mumbo, combining words with sound effects on Another Flask of Weird in crazy commercials like Throbbing Red Oatmeal; Mama Steve’s Rumba Toast; The Clever Rodent Cafe’; Kung-Fu Auto Mechanic; Conan, the Hanna-Barberian; Magic Gesticulations Shampoo; Griff’s Pylons; and of course the ever ubiquitous Chez Bob. With Mark Masyga, Andy Schultz.

Upper: Still Frame from Miroslav Janek’s film, Little City in Space, Jerry and Chuck, 1982.

Lower: Kitty Wells, Johnnie Wright, Jerry, Chuck, 1999.

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4 Post-Voiders: Jeff Pike, and Golden Cage Volume One

The stories of iconic, pivotal and tragic music legends comprise “The Death of Rock and Roll,” a book by Jeff Pike (Faber & Faber, 1993).

Prior to that, Jeff was a co-founder of The Post-Void Radio Theater circa 1977, a script-writing collective that started meeting two years prior to taking Late Nite Magic on KFAI and changing it to Little City In Space. Some people who started LCS shared “space” in houses and apartments, and played in a band, The Infinity Art Unit. Pictured pre-Void, Jeff (left) and Stu Mathews (right) met via fellow scriptwriter Peter Stenshoel.

The other member of the collective, Rob Ordahl, hosted Late Nite Magic on KFAI. His time slot was taken by Jeff, Stu, Peter and Damon Mathews, and broadcasts from satellite LCS-1 began December 17, 1978.  Pictured  at KFAI, Peter (left) stands over Late Nite Magic host Rob (right) in a solid state of hypnagog.

Jeff Pike (right) exited The Post-Void to pursue full-time writing in 1981, but his enduring contribution to LCS includes the ad he wrote for Meat Heap, made from alien body parts.

At last archived, The Golden Cage of Radio Volume One showcases Jeff’s on-air anarchy with his interruptions as Fred, an insurance salesman, and pompous Professor Wadsworth, during Peter’s interview with Burd DeComps (Johnny Olson). Compiled and created for LCS 18th Anniversary, Vol. One also features Weekend Upchuck with the Post-Void News Team (Damon, Stu, Pete, Jeff & Johnny) In Briefs; Jerry as Occam E. Razor; and David Stenshoel, pre-Boiled in Lead, singing and playing on his brother Peter’s musical commercial for Martian Marriage Cigarettes.

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