Radio Plays: Dick Future and His Dancing Stool plus The Blank

Much-needed political satire featuring a talking grubworm (Leigh Bowser) who sounds like JFK, has presidential ambitions and uses the handsome, yet incredibly stupid Dick Future as his “front man,” and with the backing of crafty Tolarr (Charles Brin) plot their way into the White House. Original music by Bat Lenny.

Leigh Bowser’s current gig is singing with the North Carolina pop duo, The Del Zorros.


The Blank, based on a true story about a vocal mimic who temporarily lost his mind, but not his voices. Performed before a live audience for 1961: The Year That Time Forgot by the Grand Rapids (MI) Radio Players, produced and directed by Michael Packer with original music by Gene Traas.

Listen now at

2 responses to “Radio Plays: Dick Future and His Dancing Stool plus The Blank

  1. Funny, after this play was posted, movie idol Clint Eastwood talked to a chair about being The President of the United States.
    Life imitates art?!?

  2. Gene Traas

    Jerry, good memories. It was an honor providing music for “The Blank” – my copy of 1961 was stolen years ago, along with most of my radio theater cassettes, but I could reproduce all the music in a heartbeat. *finishes up typing while humming the theme from “The Benny and Barnacle Show”*

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