Best of UFO Update Volume One

UFO Update was a regular feature on KFAI’s Musical Transportation Spree (1997-2006).

Tragic 1980 encounter, The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident in Texas, documented physical side effects and official cover-up, described by researcher John Schuessler; actor Charles Brin (Grumpy Old Men, The Naked Man) reads Charles Fort; and two-part serial, The Adventures of Captain Ruppelt and his pioneering work at Project Bluebook.

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One response to “Best of UFO Update Volume One

  1. Editor’s comments: Was the Cash-Landrum UFO a man-made craft? Many people I discuss the story with reason that this was not an extra-terrestrial craft, but instead a military experiment turned nightmare. It is hard to dispute this; yet this event seems to involve human-made helicopters (23?) acting like fireflies around…what? A flying nuclear reactor? Huh? Terrestrial, with a “down to Earth explaination”? There is so much High Strangeness about this incident that begs questions about back-engineered technology; or even a collaboration that involved alien pilots. Will we someday hear death-bed testimony of those helicopter pilots? Wouldn’t their proximity to the craft have resulted in injury and death? Or were all the sick pilots sent to a gulag to slowly die, unable to describe on death bed to civilians, a secret so horrible that’s why we live in perpetual cover-up because of fear of such truths and deadly consequences. Instead of tidy UFO landings on White House lawns, how many other Cash-Landrum type incidents do we not know of that must be explained…starting with Thomas Mantell and his tragic encounter in the late 1940s, another case of “getting too close” to strange airborne technology.

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