UFO Update: The Real Men In Black

A regular feature on KFAI’s Musical Transportation Spree was the segment UFO Update (1997-2006).
Jerry’s interviews and tapes are now available for listening, and The Real Men in Black presents MIB encounter cases of Bob Luca (The Watchers), John Keel (The Mothman Prophecies), Albert K. Bender (Flying Saucers and the Three Men) and others.

Best of UFO Update Volume One

UFO Update was a regular feature on KFAI’s Musical Transportation Spree (1997-2006).

Tragic 1980 encounter, The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident in Texas, documented physical side effects and official cover-up, described by researcher John Schuessler; actor Charles Brin (Grumpy Old Men, The Naked Man) reads Charles Fort; and two-part serial, The Adventures of Captain Ruppelt and his pioneering work at Project Bluebook.

Listen now at archive.org 

Now That’s Interesting

The Musical Transportation Spree‘s show-within-a-show, Now That’s Interesting, showcased the best independent recording artists. Listen to behind-the-scenes insanity with The Rudy Schwartz Project
interviewed on NTI.
Dick Dammit describes using his pocket sequencer to create Midi Mischief, and Jerry Brownrigg of Fibulator catches up with hosts Jerry and Chris.th

The Golden Cage of Radio, Volume 3

Listen now, and get your sub-sonic levels adjusted inside The Golden Cage of Radio Volume 3 with The Little City In Space 1980 “Cancelled Edition,” featuring Jack Stand at Swekkmakk’s Bleeper Pad Lounge, Paul Bunny, News, Sports, Weather, early KFAI cameo appearance by Chuck Isle, and bonus time-slips: The Post-Void Radio Theater in 1996, Ma and Ra Kettle Go To Jupiter, and frothing at the beaker, Chef Vortex!

Jerry, Mark Masyga and Chuck Isle

Jerry and Mark Masyga started collaborating with Chuck Isle in 1982, trading quips and quills on scripts for dozens of wacky commercials. The meeting of minds led Mark and Chuck, most notably, to ZXQ Universe (KFAI, 1990-1993) and their successful run of ads there. Here’s a 2006 collaboration of Jerry-Mark-Chuck for McJagger’s, a spoof of McDonald’s and The Rolling Stones.

The Golden Cage of Radio Volume 2: TV Guise

The Golden Cage of Radio: TV Guise from Another Flask of WeirdLittle City in Space; The Philip K. Dick Van Dyke Show.
The Golden Cage of Radio anthologies are more than just airchecks: this material was carefully selected, edited and presented to be a treat unto itself.
This volume, available for listening now, contains TV Guise previews; Visit to the Radio Mortuary; The Chocolate Sprout; Hill of Beans Coffee; Paul Bunny; Joblines; Commander Komoniosis; Our Alien Life Forms; Robo & Stu; News From Nowhere; Dogmatix House of Excelsior; Sports with Nick Hotplate; Fred’s Friendly Foods; Eve Hallow.
Bonus: The Philip K. Dick Van Dyke Show by The Post-Void Radio Theater, recorded before a live audience at Minicon.

Ludwig Sears and the Infinity Art Unit

The Musical Transportation Spree hosted live musicians in the KFAI studio August 8, 1997 with David “Ludwig Sears” Wright (violin), Peter Stenshoel (keyboard), and Stu Mathews (electric bass, conga drum) of The Infinity Art Unit. Here’s “Summit Time,” one of several improvised segments (look for the rest soon at archive.org) with MTS hosts Jerry and Chris adding tape loops and ambience.

Alien Invaders by The Weird Winonans

A taster: The song Alien Invaders by The Weird Winonans from their forthcoming CD Wormhole to Heaven sung by Leslie Eaton (pictured), backed by the guitars of Ray (pictured) and Gerry Dahl (The Revtunes, Nordic Surf), produced by Jerry Modjeski.

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